How to automate your feed

Automating Easy Sync to update your inventory in Shopify, Amazon and Ebay:

You can use Easy Sync’s automated feature by choosing any one of the below options:

  •        Google Drive
  •        FTP
  •        SFTP
  •        Download Link
  •        Dropbox
  •        Receive Email

Once you have selected and setup any one of the above option, you can map the fields and schedule your feed.

Please read our articles on how to setup Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, Download Link, Dropbox and Receive Email.

The schedule feature will give you the option to choose the timeframe: every 12 hours, daily and weekly.

This will determine when the schedule should update your inventory.

You can also set your time zone according to your location. This will enable the schedule to run according to your time zone.

To know how to setup a schedule, please read our article: “Schedule Setup”.

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