E-Mail - Amazon

You have the option to update your Shopify store’s inventory by send the source file to Easy Sync’s email.

Click the “Create New Feed” button from the dashboard to create a new feed.

Select "Amazon" and enter the name for your feed:

Once you provide the name for your feed, Easy Sync will navigate to the web page where you can select Receive Email option.

Click the box to the right which says “Create a Feed using FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox or others”.

Select the “Receive Email” option from the source type drop down menu:

After that, click the copy button and copy Easy Sync’s email address.

"new feed_455@sandboxe1831382b534483bb2e34765a182d592.mailgun.org"

You can share the email address to your vendor, and request him to send the source file to this email address.

Click the “Next” button to map the fields. After you have created the feed, your vendor will send the source file to Easy Sync's email address.

Easy Sync will receive the source file through its email address. After that it will run your feed based on your schedule setup, and update your inventory in shopify.

To know more about mapping fields, please read the article "Manual Source Feed Upload".

To know how to schedule your report and automate it, please read the article "Schedule Setup".

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