FTP - Amazon

Easy Sync gives you the option to send the feed file to a specific FTP server.

Once your vendor sends the file to his FTP server, get the server details and credentials.

After that, click the “Create New Feed” button from the dashboard.

Select "Amazon" and enter the name for your feed:

After specifying the name for your feed, click the “Next” button and Easy Sync will navigate to the field mapping page, where you can choose FTP.

Click the box to the right which says “Create a Feed using FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox or others”.

Select FTP and enter the server details:

Once you have entered all the necessary details, click the “Next” button to map the fields and create the feed.

After creating your feed, you can schedule your feed so that it runs automatically.

Your vendor will save source file in the FTP server. Easy Sync will retrieve the file from FTP and it will run the feed based on your schedule setup, and update your inventory in shopify.

To know more about mapping fields, please read the article "Manual Source Feed Upload".

To know how to schedule your report and automate it, please read the article "Schedule Setup".

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